Blow molds

Our Company produces blow molds and other components required for the production process performed on blow molding extruders.
The offer includes:

  • blow molds for bottles, cans and technical moulders,
  • deburring devices and cutters for risers,
  • grippers for robots and feeders,
  • conveyors,
  • packaging equipment,
  • tightness tester for bottles and cans.

Blow molds are used to make containers (bottles, canisters), packaging and plastic moldings by blow molding. It is possible to shape these products in single or multiple blow molds. Blow molds are made primarily of aluminum alloys with addition of other metals such as steel and bronze. A properly designed product should meet several important requirements. First of all, if it is a product packaging or a cover for other mechanism(s) exposed to external factors, it should protect them, such as folding fittings. Secondly, finished blow molding products should be functional and pleased to the eye. Therefore, blow molds are an important element in the implementation of each new packaging or form for production.

Blow molds must play two essential roles: reproduce the shape of the mold on the introduced plastic material and cool the finished product before removing it from the blow mold.
Correct design and blow mold execution should be based on details provided by the purchaser. Firstly, it is necessary to specify the type of material which will be used to manufacture the product and to determine the volume of production. This has a major impact on the choice of material for blow molds. Blow molds, when exposed to corrosion, may also be made of stainless or acid-resistant steel.
Blow molds are not the only the element needed to implement a new product. Cutters for risers, guides, grippers, tightness testers, equipment for transporting and packaging finished products are also required elements.

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